Lift Bar and Grill

We started off with some appetizers, First up! the [1/2 Dozen Fresh Oysters] Having not paid attention to the menu, we didn’t realize that it was horseradish on the side, so we just assumed it was potato? Feeling adventurous as always, we dove in! Put a big scoop along with the oyster and chowed down. Long story short, I’m still feeling the burn in my nostrils today. Overall I thought it was very fresh and quite tasty! A well deserved 5/5

Next up! The [Roasted Mussels and Clams] can only be described as “effing amazing”. The white wine, chorizo, fennel, confit garlic, crostini all got to know each other in the sauce. No, it wasn’t like an elementary dance, it was more a high school dance this time. Everyone just grinding on each other while concerned parents watch from afar. But enough of my childhood, I seriously started to develop feelings for the dish it was so good haha. It definitely ranks up there as one of the best we’ve had.
Not a surprise that we give it a 5/5

And last but not least the [Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi] I thought the dish itself was presented very nicely. Definitely catches your eye with all the colours and it tasted just like it looked. Crunchy. That’s where it lost points with Dana. It’s a good mix of textures with the soft tuna and fried crust underneath. But it might just be a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That’s why we give it a 4/5

bon appetit,

Lift Bar and Grill
333 Menchions Mews
Vancouver, BC V6G 3H5‎
(604) 689-5438‎

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