Al Porto

We had dinner at Al Porto in Gastown. I love this place! The Italian seafood dishes were amazing. We started off with four fresh oysters and their crispy calamari. Their calamari is so fresh and I like how they are lightly battered unlike most restaurants that serves 75% batter and 25% squid. Our dinner pastas came with a salad of our choice. I ordered the tomato bocconcini which is sliced tomatoes with sliced aged balsamic cheese, garnished with fresh basil and arugula. It was so delicious! I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes but I would definitely order this salad again. Everything blended so well.

As for the entree, I ordered the linguine vongole (buttery clams in white wine) while Steve ordered the linguine pescatore (variety of seafood – prawn, mussel, clams, squid, scallop, salmon, and halibut in tomato sauce). By the time our pasta came, I was sort of getting full but the pasta was too good so I finished everything! It came in a decent portion, they didn’t overload the plate with linguine, it was just enough to satisfy your stomach. As for dessert, there is always room for dessert! We shared their creme brulee. mmm!

tomato bocconcini ♥

appetizers and salad all done!

linguine vongole

linguine pescatore

creme brulee

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