Corner 23

I was craving for Aberdeen’s deep fried chicken all day but too caught up with things so I went to Corner 23 for dinner with my mom.

We decided to try something new instead of ordering their classic Taiwanese dishes. I ordered the creamy assorted seafood and my mom ordered the regular seafood hot pot with tofu. Their hot pot meals came with pork. I enjoyed their hot pot more than the ones at Pearl Castle because it tasted like soup you can actually drink, not filled with MSG. The ingredients were just right, all of the seafood, pork, fish balls, and a fair portion of chopped cabbage all blended well with each other. I almost drank the whole pot! It was that good. I barely touched the rice though.

On the side, we had their deep fried chicken nuggets. I usually ask them for a side dish of their sweet garlic sauce that they use for their famous pork legs.

Total we spent was $26. Not bad at all for what we ordered and we left with a happy full stomach so that’s all that matters. We couldn’t even finish the chicken, we probably had a few pieces and took the rest home.

♥ Dana

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