Cafe D’lite

So one day, Dana asked if I have ever eaten “that chicken with the oil rice”. Normally, I would just play along and say “yeah, yeah” but I think I knew what she was talking about. So I tried to say it in cantonese and we agreed it was the same thing. Hainanese Chicken! Up until that point, I hadn’t eaten it since I was a wee lad. Within minutes we were out the door and on our way to the resturant. After GPS’ing the location, we found ourselves in Kitsilano. It was a smaller cafe, not as a flashy as some of the other cafes out there. We were here for the food though, so that didn’t matter at all. The service was very quick, we got our food almost right after we were finished ordering it. It was just like I remembered when I was little. The rice was just right and the chicken was cooked perfectly. It was sitting in soy sauce and you could dip it in the sweet and spicy sauce or the green onion oil. Needless to say I ate it in about 10 minutes. I was about to order another one for takeout, just in case I got hungry later in the night.

So, overall it was pretty good! the price is right, abot 8-10 bucks for each person. The location is a little far for us, but we found out that they have a location in Aberdeen Mall, which works out great because it’s about a 15 minute drive from Dana’s house. The food is exactly the same, although the person helping us had a little trouble understanding the difference between small and large.


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