The Urban Tea Merchant

The Urban Tea Marchant reminds me of a wine tasting restaurant, but instead it’s for tea lovers so if you enjoy sipping hot tea, this place is for you! They serve afternoon tea sets, fondue sets, lunch, and of course, TEA!

our beautiful center piece

They had over 100 types of tea on their tea menu. If you are clueless about tea and don’t know what to choose, the tea menu actually includes a short description of the flavours of the tea. “bitter, bold, fruity, popped corn and rice, etc”.

Steve and I ordered their West Coast Afternoon Tea for $29 per person which comes with $5 tea, if you choose any tea that is over $5 then you just pay the difference.

The West Coast afternoon tea set starts off with two strawberry sobert with fresh strawberry slices and a mint leaf for garnishing, along with two champagne glasses of tea. It looked like champagne, but it was really just tea.

Our hot tea came out right after the sobert so we had something to sip on while waiting for our West Coast plate of sweets, fresh fruits, dipped strawberries, smoked salmon on bread, sun-dried tomatoes on bread, and more.

Overall experience was fantastic! The customer service was excellent and the restaurant itself was very relaxing. The bill came out to be $60 which isn’t so bad for the experience. Usually high tea restaurants range between $25-$50 per person depending where you go. High tea is definitely something we will continue going to.

we saved the fruits and sweets for last

The sun was out which made it even better, felt so much like Summer.
I give it 5 ♥s!

Next high tea places on our list:
Adonia Tea House
Secret Garden


  1. February 22nd, 2011

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