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Cattle Cafe

I wanted to try Cattle Cafe because I love noodles in soup.
The cool thing about Cattle Cafe is that you can build your own soup noodles by:

  • two kinds of toppings
  • choice of soup base
  • choice of noodles
  • additional add-ons such as chicken wings or teriyaki chicken for only $1.50.
  • choice of drink

    Iced milk tea and Lemon Ribena 7up

    I ordered beef slices and cuttlefish balls in Malay laksa soup base with udon. It was way too spicy! I couldn’t enjoy my dinner because of the hot oil they add into their noodles. Other tables were also complaining about how spicy it was and asked to exchange to another broth. I felt that they should at least ask you how spicy do you want your soup to be instead of treating all customers the same because not everyone can tolerate very spicy food. 😦

    If I do happen to come back next time, I will probably order the fish and cilantro soup instead.

    Cattle Cafe
    4885 Kingsway
    Burnaby, BC V5H
    (604) 276-2800

  • Fondue, anyone?

    Steve took me to Mink, a fondue cafe in downtown. This place is better than any other fondue places I’ve been too, better than Capstone on Robson and they have a really nice modern decor! They’re famous for their hand-crafted Belgium chocolates which they sell at the cafe or online at Mink Chocolates.

    Mink is a great place for studying, meetings, catching up with your friends, or just to enjoy their brilliant chocolate. They have a variety of espresso, tea, hot, and blended drinks to enjoy with your fondue… oh you can also customize your own drink!

    Steve and I ordered their traditional fondue with milk chocolate. Their fruits are so fresh and the chocolate was like heaven.

    Try out their fondue and hand-crafted chocolates 🙂 you will fall in love.

    Good choice Steve!

    ♥ Dana