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Spanish Calamari

I wished I ordered their regular calamari instead because they’re famous for it! 🙂

51 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada


Happy Birthday Steve!

Domokun Birthday cake!

For Steve’s Birthday, I went to get him a specialized custom made cake. Suits him very well.

We had dinner at Society Lounge in Yaletown. Eventhough we made reservations, we still had to wait awhile for our table. It’s probably because it’s a Saturday night and the tables were in groups of six or more so it was hard for us to get a table for two. The hostess suggested we hang out upstairs at the lounge and grab a few drinks while we wait for our table. I was not happy that we had to wait for so long when I had already reservations in advance. After maybe a bit over half an hour of waiting, another lady comes up to us offering us a table outside on the patio. They could’ve offered the table to us earlier because it was empty the entire time! We even thought about hopping across to Rodney’s but like I said, it’s Saturday and it’s hard getting a table in Yaletown.

The patio was nice, they had pillows on the seats for more comfort and a heater to keep you warm throughout the night.

For starters, we ordered the classic mussels which was served with french fries and mayo. They served a more generous amount of mussels than we expected. We enjoyed our appetizier with our drinks, a double boccie ball (amaretto and orange juice), vodka lime, vodka cran, vodka 7 (vodka and 7-up) and Society’s famous cotton candy.. it didn’t taste as good as it seems.

Steve ordered their 10 oz prime New York striploin with mushrooms on the side while I ordered their lobster gnocchi. Their lobster gnocchi reminds me of Chinese sticky rice balls but not as gooey. It was very tender like al dente. It was very delicious, the tarragon cream blended in very well with the half Alantic lobster chunks and they were not cheap on lobster at all.

I wish I took more pictures of our food but we had quite a few drinks so next time!

♥ Dana