Sui Sha Ya (Kingsway)

All you can eat sushi restaurants are not first on our to-go list. Except today, just because we were very hungry and happened to be shopping at Metrotown that day.

The appetiziers weren’t too bad. The ‘fresh oysters’ weren’t so fresh and their sushi wasn’t the greatest. They jammed too much rice into the sushi rolls. Their oyster motoyaki weren’t fresh either but you get what you pay for. If you want good quality sushi, I suggest you go to an authentic Japanese restaurant not a Chinese owned Japanese restaurant.

Overall rating: D for disaster.



After the Canucks hockey game, we headed over to Chambar, a fine-dining Belgian lounge to order some more drinks and something small to share.

We chose the La brochette d’autruche as our appetizer.
Grilled ostrich with sweet balsamic onions, marinated prunes, five herb pesto, crisp potato chips, vin cotto. It was very different. The ostrich itself was delicious but the condiments such as the marinated prunes made it taste strange.

For entree, we shared a huge pot of mussels, Congolaise in a tomato coconut cream sauce with fresh cilnatro, lime, and chili. It also came with fries on the side.

Overall rating, I would give it a B- because I find that restaurant to be more of a drinking lounge than a fine dining restaurant. The meals were pricey compared to most lounges. If you want some fine dining, I would suggest: Lift Bar and Grill


Just a late night dessert, very simple: a croissant, some chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, and some Breyers smooth vanilla ice cream. Put it in the oven for a few minutes and BORT! you have yourself a quick late night treat!


Corner 23

I was craving for Aberdeen’s deep fried chicken all day but too caught up with things so I went to Corner 23 for dinner with my mom.

We decided to try something new instead of ordering their classic Taiwanese dishes. I ordered the creamy assorted seafood and my mom ordered the regular seafood hot pot with tofu. Their hot pot meals came with pork. I enjoyed their hot pot more than the ones at Pearl Castle because it tasted like soup you can actually drink, not filled with MSG. The ingredients were just right, all of the seafood, pork, fish balls, and a fair portion of chopped cabbage all blended well with each other. I almost drank the whole pot! It was that good. I barely touched the rice though.

On the side, we had their deep fried chicken nuggets. I usually ask them for a side dish of their sweet garlic sauce that they use for their famous pork legs.

Total we spent was $26. Not bad at all for what we ordered and we left with a happy full stomach so that’s all that matters. We couldn’t even finish the chicken, we probably had a few pieces and took the rest home.

♥ Dana

Guu is Guu’d!

Dana – We were planning to go for some all you can eat dinner at Tomokazu on West Broadway but they were packed so we decided to drive down to Richmond to their other restaurant, Ninkazu. Ninkazu was packed as well since it’s the weekend. All you can eat sushi was a no go, we really wanted some fresh oysters and lots of salmon sashimi but we had to decide between Tropika or Guu in Aberdeen. Since we went to Tropika not too long ago, we chose Guu.

Right when we walked in, it didn’t seem like the Guu in downtown because downtown Guu is more crowded, smaller, and darker. The Guu at Richmond Aberdeen had a big open space with more tables. We didn’t even have to wait. They placed us by bar which was nice because the chefs just handed us our order.

The menu looked a bit confusing, maybe the menus are different depending on which Guu you go to? It was different from the one in downtown so we didn’t really know what to order but we knew we wanted salmon sashimi and beef tataki for sure.

Dana – Our first order was the beef tataki. For those who don’t know what beef tataki is, it is beef seared hot on the outside and served rare on the inside. It was delicious but it came in a very small portion.

Dana -After the beef tataki, our five pieces of salmon sashimi came. You can tell by the picture that their salmon sashimi is really fresh.

Dana – Next is their baked oyster motoyaki with mushrooms. It is different from regular oyster motoyaki because this dish does not include the oyster shells. They layered the bottom with mushrooms and oysters, topped off the top with the original motoyaki cheesey creamy sauce, and popped it in the oven. The oysters were a bit small but overall it was really good, I loved the creamy sauce even though it is a bit fatty.

Steve! – Along with the motoyaki we had the VERY spicy dynamite roll at least I think it was a dynamite roll, anyways! the hot sauce they used didn’t look normal, so we just dipped it in a little bit. First bite wasn’t bad and neither was the second. It was one of those lingering hot sauces… kicks in after you swallow it. LINGER! I had to chug a tiny cup of beer and some ice water to cool down. So it surely lived up to its name, good thing they put the sauce on the side rather than on top of the sushi itself like a lot of other places.

Dana – Yakiudon is a must at every Japanese Tapas/Izakaya because it is soo amazingly good! I don’t even know where to start. I love how they add shredded seaweed, chopped green onions, and deep fried onion bits to garnish the udon noodles. Udon is probably my favourite.

Grilled Mackerel.. delicious but watch out for the tiny bones.


Steve! – So! after we were seated, I went right for the drink menu. Luckily there was a big advertisment for their in-house beer, GUUUD! ALE. At first I thought… “8.50 for a beer? that’s winter olympic beer pricing!” OUTRAGE! Then the server brought over our drinks and it ended up being a large 650ml bottle, so all was well in the universe. The only thing was they gave me the smallest cup possible to drink it in? I thought maybe they would have brought me a pint glass, but nope! It was good, I think I will have to stick to the domestics though

Favourite Bubbletea Joints

Beefy Beef Noodle House

(Main & King Edward)

Their half beef, half tendon soup noodle in regular or spicy is a must! They have a nice portion of noodles and a generous amount of meat. The soup is so flavourful that it makes you want to drink it. I like the chopped pickled cabbages.

We also ordered their famous salty peppery deep fried chicken on the side. Tasted better than any other Taiwanese cafe restaurants.

As for drinks, we ordered one green milk tea without pearls and one milk tea with pearls. The drinks were okay, I have had better bubble tea before so I’m not crazy about their drinks. On the bright side, their food is amazingly delicious!


(Cambie & 23rd)
I love going to Corner23, mainly because it is walking distance from my house so it’s convenient for me to grab food. Their service is really good, the servers are really nice which is rare to find in most Asian cafe/bubble tea restaurants. I really like their bubble tea because it does not taste powdery or watered down at all. I always order their jasmine green tea because I love my green tea. The pearls are sweetened not bland, I really can’t stand bland pearls so I definitely won’t go back to those places with bad bubble tea.

You gotta try out their oyster egg pancake, basically it looks like a gooey pancake topped with chunks of oysters, veggies, and egg, topped off with some sort of red sweet and sour sauce. We have tried the oyster pancake at Lui’s Taiwanese restaurant (Richmond) but it was nothing like Corner23’s. Some like it and some people don’t, it’s all personal preferences depending your taste buds!

Another common dish I tend to order is their deep fried chicken nuggets with rice. I like meal with rice more than the noodles because they give you three side dishes and these side dishes change daily so everything is different.. I am guessing since every time I go there, it is always something different. The noodles does not come with any side dish, I find it kind of plain so it’s a good choice if you want something bland.

Corner23 has a variety of different dishes from sizzling plates to classic Taiwanese dishes to hot pot meals. Next time I think I’m going to try something new. 🙂

We will post BETTER pictures up soon. Promise!
All the pictures on this blog was taken with my Blackberry camera. I am just waiting for the right time to get a better camera so I do apologize for the quality of the photos!

♥ Dana

Coffee Fix

I get so excited about Starbuck’s Holiday drinks! Maybe it’s the season or maybe it’s their traditional Holiday flavours. mmm peppermint mocha and caramel creme brulee!

Everyday I need my daily dose of coffee fix and I do go to Starbucks alot. Lately, I have been trying out some new drinks other than the regular (Starbucks double shot). I think my new favourite drink right now is their one pump soy matcha latte in grande. I always ask for one pump because grande comes with four pumps and that is way too sweet especially with the soy milk so one pump is just right.

Nothing like a hot yummy drink to start off the day… before work! 😛

♥ Dana