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No 1 Shanghai Cuisine

I went for lunch with my mom at the usual spot, No1 Shanghai Cuisine located in Richmond on No3 road. We tend to chose this place over any dim sum places because they serve a variety of authentic Shanghai food and the restaurant inside is very clean and also very bright from the large windows. The servers are very professional with their uniforms and they are also very nice.

Everytime we come here, we order their stir fry rice cakes but today I wasn’t feeling the rice cakes because I wasn’t that hungry so I suggested to share some appetizers.

We ordered ‘siu long bao‘ which is Shanghai soup pork dumplings. They have the word ‘soup’ in it because the dumping itself is filled with hot soup. There is a way to eat this, first you take a little bite on the edge, and then you drink the soup inside. They are kinda hard to pick up with just chopsticks so it’s also best to use a spoon. 🙂

Next is the deep fried Chinese doughnut wrapped with sticky rice. The Chinese doughnut is what gives this wrap it’s flavours. It is quite filling.

Lastly, we ordered the spice sliced beef noodle soup to share as well. I love all kinds of noodle soups especially Shanghai beef noodle, mainly because of the soup. The soup is so flavourful with a hint of spice. The bowl includes sliced beef and tendon with a bit of ‘choy’ (veggies).

my lunch was deeeelicious! 🙂

♥ D